Pies Family (Pies/Peas/Pease)

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Pies Genealogy

Chart History

A Little History

The genealogy chart for the Pies Family was started in many households in pieces. The family members in South Dakota kept records but they were fragmented. Many family members were left off because of non-contact.

Another family chart was in existence in Oregon and included some of the members listed on the South Dakota chart. Children and grand-children were missing on each of the charts.

Thanks to the Internet, contacts were made in the 90's and a chart was started that combined those separate charts. Emails were flying back and forth with corrections and updates. This does not mean that the present chart is in anyway complete. With a CD from the Pies Museum is Germany, a base was set for the earliest descendant of the family. The present chart is 36 pages and growing. The chart takes into account adoptions and multiple marriages.

We hope you find the pages interesting and will contribute to the chart maintenance.

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