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Pies Genealogy

This site is to post all the
Pies genealogy information and any meetings of the family.

The Pies/Peas/Pease Genealogy Website

The Family of Pies, in this record, is roughly 40 generations at this time. The earliest known descendant of the family was Erenfried I, who was born in 866 AD.

A family chart is posted on the site and is an Adobe Reader file. You can download this file but making corrections to it is not easy. That is best left to the contacts posted on the Contact Us page. Corrections will be made to the master document and reposted when those updates are complete.

To send in updates, tell us the page that the corrections should start and use the numbering system to show how the generations should be laid out.

We hope you find the pages interesting and will contribute to the chart maintenance.

Under construction
There is a short Pies Genealogy chart on the Reunions page that shows the early ancestors. To access the Full Chart page, you will have to have a login and password. To gain this access, go to the contact page and send a message requesting The login information.

This process is to protect the privacy of family members.

To access the Protected chart, you have to be a family member
and obtain the login from the webmaster.

Contact Address is family.pies@gmail.com or use the link on the Contact page.

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